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The Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce provides a proven family-centered approach for couples with children who want to end their partnership or marriage through compassionate, holistic divorce resolution. This out-of-court process works in partnership with the legal system to offer financial and legal education, mediation and individual and family counseling. We empower parents by helping them avoid a court process that is often lengthy, expensive and conflicted in order to support the long-term well-being of families.

Separation or divorce with children involved

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As a community based non-profit organization, the Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce provides services for a wide variety of families with children, including families with same-sex parents or never-married couples seeking co-parenting assistance. Our service model requires that both parents consent to work together and engage equally in the process.

Separation or divorce support services for families

comprehensive transition support

The Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce customizes our services in order to meet our families where they are in the process of separation or divorce. Our comprehensive transition support program is for couples ready to develop and initiate plans for their family’s transition.

Parents deciding when to divorce | Center For Out Of Court Divorce

planning for transition

The planning for transition program is for couples in which one or both members are not yet ready to proceed with divorce and may need more time, education, and/or counseling to determine a path forward.

Co-Parenting After Divorce | Center For Out-Of-Court

post-decree support

Even after divorce, challenges may arise due to changes in family circumstances including new relationships, geographic relocation and children’s developmental needs. Our post-decree support program can help with counseling, mediation and co-parenting services.

My ex-husband & I found COCD to be compassionate, supportive, friendly & understanding. They assisted us with our divorce while we lived in two separate countries! We began the reasonably priced process in February & the judge ruled our divorce final in August. The counseling COCD provided our two children was outstanding! I know through others this process can typically drag out & become extremely expensive. That was far from our experience thanks to this amazing organization. We are grateful for having stumbled across COCD & have already recommended them to several friends. I know this was the right decision for our family.


I joke that I would have paid just the Center just to sit with Judge Hyatt versus having to go to the courthouse. That was worth it in and of itself. As people who are relatively law abiding, the thought of going into the courthouse and sitting in front of the judge just feels terrifying. Being able to come to the Center, sit , have a cup of coffee and talk through things as opposed just splitting things side to side, was incredible. It was just a conversation, and felt like an extension of that same support where they look at your situation for what it is as opposed to being this didactic thing. They listen to the nuance, they see the interactions and they make the best judgments that they can from that. As much as it’s a dreadful day on your calendar, it was what I like to call “the optimal suboptimal.” It was the best that day could have ever gone.


The support group was an incredibly positive experience for both of them, and they definitely felt safe and loved.  They looked forward to going every time, there was never a fight, and they were so bummed for it to come to an end.  They called it their club, and they really, really liked the gals who lead it.

Mom of kids in support group