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The Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce (COCD) is now enrolling families for Divorce Adjustment support groups that will be starting in Fall 2017. We are currently accepting names for the wait lists, as groups fill up quickly. The groups will be held for 6 consecutive sessions. The groups have been designed to bring together individuals who are facing the shared challenge of family transition and are in need of support and guidance. You can participate in support groups at COCD even if you are not enrolled as a client.

Adult Women’s and Adult Men’s Support Groups

The Adult Women’s and Adult Men’s Support Groups are designed to help at any stage in the transition of separation or divorce. The group is led by an experienced therapist and combines education, skill development, supportive discussion, and at-home activities to help participants move through the stages of grief to recovery. Topics include understanding how the transition affects parents and kids; letting go of negative relationship dynamics; managing family changes; forgiveness and self-care; and planning for the future

“I have felt a sense of empowerment and confidence after leaving each group. I will continue to build on what I have learned.”

Children’s Support Groups

The Children’s Support Groups are age specific and designed for children and teens who have parents who are moving through the process of separation or divorce. The groups are led by experienced therapists and are designed to be preventative in nature, providing children and teens the opportunity to gain support, education, and coping strategies in a fun and engaging format.

“He continues to surprise me by identifying, naming, and talking about his feelings.” – Mother of seven-year-old boy in group

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