post-decree support

parenting after divorce or separation

Even after court cases are finalized, challenges with co-parenting after divorce or separation may arise. Post-divorce counseling or mediation may be needed due to changes in family circumstances including new relationships, geographic relocation and children’s developmental needs.

The Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce can help you adapt to these changes with mediation after divorce or coaching sessions to improve co-parenting after divorce.

As with our other services, all post-decree support takes place outside of the traditional court room. These post-decree services include:

  • A comprehensive assessment and service plan addressing current family issues: $300.00 New Family Fee
  • Co-Parent Coaching: $120/hour
  • Mediation: $240/hour
  • Legal Document Drafting $120/hour
Co-Parenting After Divorce | Center For Out-Of-Court