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The Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce customizes separation and divorce services to meet families in Colorado, including same-sex and never-married couples, where they are in the process of transition. We offer three distinct service packages to serve families throughout the entire separation and divorce process. Our entire process, including granting of the final divorce decree, happens outside of the traditional courtroom.

  • Deciding When To Divorce
    For families where one or both partners are not ready to proceed with separation or divorce, and need help determining the best path forward, we offer a planning for transition package, including education about family law in regards to legal separation and divorce, as well as discernment therapy and counseling for both partners in order to decide the next step.
  • Separation and Divorce Services
    For families ready to begin their transition and move forward with legal separation, partnership dissolution or divorce, we offer a comprehensive transition support package. This package includes education about family law, individual counseling, co-parent coaching, mediation, and help drafting financial and parenting plan agreements.
  • Post-Divorce Support
    Families that have already divorced or separated, but need help with challenging issues including children’s developmental needs, geographic relocation, etc., we offer post-decree support services such as counseling and mediation.

We will tailor an approach that addresses the unique needs and circumstances of your family. Please call us at 720-608-3052, or email with any questions you may have.

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Separation and divorce services for families

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