getting started

If you and your partner are ready to file for divorce or separation, would like help deciding when to divorce or need guidance on co-parenting after divorce, and are interested in meeting with the Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce (COCD) team, please please call our office at (720) 608-3052.

The COCD team will schedule individual interviews to better assess how you and each of your family members could benefit from our separation and divorce services.

During our in-person meetings, our Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce team will help you identify what services may be best for your family.

Our team will guide and support you through the process and provide services that fit the specific needs of your family. Our goal is for clients to enter the courtroom just once, to file your petition, and from there our entire process, including granting of the final divorce decree, happens outside of the traditional courtroom.

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