At The Center for Out-of-Court Divorce (COCD), we offer separating and divorcing families comprehensive services, all under one roof. What does that mean exactly?

In this video, our attorney-mediator Ellen Squires discusses how she helps parents navigate the legal process of divorce and financial components of the dissolution process.

COCD helps parents understand what they will need to do for each step of the dissolution process, and helps them keep track of deadlines along the way.

During the financial mediation sessions, Ellen will help parties:

  • Identify marital vs. separate assets and debt
  • Allocate marital assets and debt equitably between the parties
  • Determine gross monthly incomes
  • Identify which child-related expenses should be considered when calculating child support
  • Review the Colorado child support guidelines to determine the recommended child support number
  • Review the Colorado advisory maintenance guidelines concerning a monthly maintenance amount (formerly known as alimony) and duration
  • Deliver a plan for moving forward as two separate households

The legal support both parties receive at COCD is part of a comprehensive package of services that includes financial education, assistance with budgeting and individual, family and group therapy that families can tailor to meet their specific needs — all offered under one roof.

Ellen has been working with families for 15 years, and knows that the dissolution process and paperwork can be daunting. Her goal at COCD is to ensure that parents only enter the courthouse once, to file the initial paperwork. Everything else, from case management to the final hearing, can be conducted at COCD.

At COCD, our ultimate goal is to offer an option that removes some of the stress and confusion that can be associated with the dissolution process, helping keep people focused on what is most important – their children.

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