Parents have a lot of factors to consider as they embark upon the process of separation or divorce, and every family’s needs are unique. Explaining the Center For Out-Of-Court Divorce’s (COCD) model and how we can help families through the transition of separation and divorce is sometimes best explained by someone who has already been through the process.

The former COCD clients featured in this video, J.P. and Megan, along with our clinical director, Denise Breinig-Glunz, and the Director of Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center and COCD Board member, Dr. Miller Updike, PhD, walk through the challenges families face, and how our approach helps families develop a successful plan for co-parenting that focuses on positive outcomes for their children.

Our clinical director offers a great visual that helps explain our approach, and the outcomes we strive to achieve at the Center:

“How do you want your kid to feel a year from now when they’re playing soccer, and they run off the field and you are both standing there? Are they going to feel comfortable running off the field and not care about who they talk to first or are they going to feel stressed if something doesn’t go well or, are mom and dad going to be fighting? We keep that future focus, that child focus, and remind [our clients] of why they are dong this.”

J.P. and Megan came to COCD with concerns for their children during the process of their divorce. They had seen families go through divorce with their kids stuck in the middle, and also worried that their children might struggle with being labeled as “different.” COCD helped J.P., Megan and their children with a holistic approach that addressed these concerns.

Reflecting back after completing their divorce with COCD, J.P. states that the key to a “successful” divorce is one where the children are put first, and that is what COCD does.

We want to thank J.P., Megan and their family for sharing their story in this video.

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