Divorce During Times Of Change: How To Be Ready For Summer

Divorce During Times of Change: How to Be Ready for Summer

When school lets out for the summer, it can be a challenging time for any family as they settle into their new normal. If you are recently separated, and now have two households, this can be especially difficult to manage. The keys to a successful summer, a specific event or a holiday schedule are the three Cs: cooperation, compromise, and communication. "Studies show that shared custody situations work best when co-parents are cooperative, respectful, agree on shared custody, and manage…

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How To Be An Effective Co-parent

How to be an effective co-parent

Co-parenting is a term that divorcing parents might hear a lot. One of the most common misconceptions we hear is that to be working together as co-parents, you have to like each other and/or agree on every aspect of parenting. This is not the case, nor is it realistic for many divorcing parents. But not seeing eye-to-eye on every aspect of parenting does not mean that divorcing or separating parents can’t be successful co-parents for their children. At COCD, we…

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