The Center for Out-of-Court Divorce (COCD) provides a proven family-centered approach for couples with children who are seeking separation or divorce. We know that this approach can help families avoid a lengthy, expensive and conflicted court process and better support the long-term well being of families. The Family Mediation Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers a similar approach to families who want to end their partnership or marriage.

According to a recent story by Fox6, Getting a divorce? Why one family court judge advocates mediation, when working with the Family Mediation Center, couples are educated about the laws that pertain to divorce and what documents are required. Like at COCD, families there are also provided with additional support services, including both financial and psychological support, to help them through the process.

The COCD is grateful to be able to to provide valuable resources to families during this difficult transition, easing both the financial and emotional burdens that often come with divorce or separation.

Meet with The Center for Out-Of-Court Divorce 

Whether you are thinking about separating, already starting the divorce process or need support after a divorce has been finalized, the COCD welcomes families of all types and sizes, including same-sex and never-married couples. We will tailor an approach that addresses the unique needs and circumstances of your family. Please contact COCD to learn more.

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