From One Parent To Another: Tips For Navigating A Separation

From One Parent To Another: Tips For Navigating a Separation

Sometimes the greatest advice you can get comes from someone who has already walked the road ahead of you. That's why we're grateful to include this insightful guest blog post from a divorced parent. Elephants never forget - and neither does your family... And other wise thoughts I wish someone had told me during my separation. May 5, 2013. The day I asked my husband and the father of my two children to move out of our home. The youngest…

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How to Approach Divorce When You and Your Partner Are Not on The Same Page

Are you considering filing for divorce, but your spouse or partner is uncertain that this is the right choice (or vice versa)? This scenario is not as uncommon as you might think. In fact, 30 percent of couples who seek therapy are “mixed-agenda” couples, meaning one is leaning out of the relationship while the other still wishes to save it, according to William J. Doherty Ph.D., professor in the family social science department at the University of Minnesota. What is…

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Talking to Your Kids About Joining a Support Group

Most people would agree that support groups for adults and children who are dealing with the stress and crisis of separation and divorce is a good thing. The benefits are well known, including: Providing a sounding board Helping to put our own problems in perspective Providing us with a diversity of ideas for problem solving Holding us accountable in accomplishing our goals Providing education and teaching coping strategies related to our stressors Fundamentally reminding us that we are not alone…

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