What We Offer: COCD’s Comprehensive Separation and Divorce Services

The Center for Out-of-Court Divorce provides comprehensive support to separating and divorcing parents and their children. What this means is that we guide and support you and each member of your family through the complex emotional and relationship issues associated with divorce or separation as well as through every step of the legal process, from initially filing for divorce to the final hearing. COCD services are delivered by an expert team of licensed mental health clinicians and attorney mediators in…

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Understanding The Out-of-Court Divorce Model: Part Two

Understanding the Out-of-Court Divorce Model: Part Two

This is the second blog post in a two-part series. In the first Understanding the Out-of-Court Divorce Model post, Judge Larry Naves walks through the steps taken during a final orders hearing. Below, he explains the benefits of completing a final orders hearing outside of the courtroom. COCD: What makes final orders hearings at COCD different from a traditional courtroom? Judge Naves: At COCD, I make the same record and go through the same steps as I would in a…

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Understanding The Out-of-Court Divorce Model: Part One

Understanding the Out-of-Court Divorce Model: Part One

We often receive questions about how the Center For Out-Of-Court Divorce's (COCD) “out-of-court” model works. We sat down with Judge Larry Naves, who performs our final orders hearings on a volunteer basis, to ask some questions and help families understand what the divorce process and outcome look like. This is the first blog post in a two-part series, as Judge Naves walks through the process, and benefits of completing a final orders hearing outside of the courtroom. COCD: First, what…

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Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado

October was conflict resolution month in Colorado, and as the month comes to a close we’d like to discuss how the out-of-court approach to divorce and separation assists with conflict management and produces more positive outcomes for parents and children. Why mediation? Mediation has been shown to be an effective way to resolve conflict as an alternative to litigation in divorce proceedings. Studies have found that parents who sought mediation were better able to co-parent, resolve conflict at home, and…

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How To Approach Divorce When You And Your Partner Are Not On The Same Page

How to Approach Divorce When You and Your Partner Are Not on The Same Page

Are you considering filing for divorce, but your spouse or partner is uncertain that this is the right choice (or vice versa)? This scenario is not as uncommon as you might think. In fact, 30 percent of couples who seek therapy are “mixed-agenda” couples, meaning one is leaning out of the relationship while the other still wishes to save it, according to William J. Doherty Ph.D., professor in the family social science department at the University of Minnesota. What is…

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Video: Navigating The Legal Transaction Of Divorce

Video: Navigating the Legal Transaction of Divorce

At The Center for Out-of-Court Divorce (COCD), we offer separating and divorcing families comprehensive services, all under one roof. What does that mean exactly? In this video, our attorney-mediator Ellen Squires discusses how she helps parents navigate the legal process of divorce and financial components of the dissolution process. COCD helps parents understand what they will need to do for each step of the dissolution process, and helps them keep track of deadlines along the way. During the financial mediation…

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Divorce Without a Lawyer

Divorcing without a lawyer is a path that many couples choose to take. In fact, according to IAALS, at least one of the parents in 80 to 90 percent of family law cases self represent, or go “pro se”. There are many reasons why couples may choose to divorce without a lawyer. It can be expensive, particularly at a time when families can least afford additional expenditures. The very act of hiring separate divorce attorneys might also feel adversarial, raising…

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Supporting Family Wellbeing Through The Divorce Process

Supporting Family Wellbeing Through the Divorce Process

The Center for Out of Court Divorce Denver recently hosted a visit from Patrick Parkinson, a leading advocate of family law reform in Australia.  Patrick, a professor of law at the University of Sydney, was a major participant in the creation of Australia’s Family Relationship Centres which COCD Denver is loosely modeled after. Patrick spoke at length about the negative impact litigation has on families and how this motivated him to create a multi-disciplinary, out-of-court alternative to litigation. The first Family Relationship…

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