How to File for Divorce in Colorado

When divorcing or separating parents contact us, the first question we often receive is “How do I file?” or “Where do I start with the divorce process?” They often feel confused and overwhelmed. We help guide divorcing parents through the process, working in close partnership with the Colorado legal system to ensure that all requirements are met, and families receive the support they need. If you have questions about the steps, the terminology or the process, we are here to…

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From One Parent To Another: Tips For Navigating A Separation

From One Parent To Another: Tips For Navigating a Separation

Sometimes the greatest advice you can get comes from someone who has already walked the road ahead of you. That's why we're grateful to include this insightful guest blog post from a divorced parent. Elephants never forget - and neither does your family... And other wise thoughts I wish someone had told me during my separation. May 5, 2013. The day I asked my husband and the father of my two children to move out of our home. The youngest…

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