The Center for Out-of-Court Divorce: A Proven, Community-Centered Alternative for Families

Separation and divorce don’t have to be costly and full of conflict for your family. There is a more holistic and family-centered approach to ending a partnership or a marriage. The Center for Out of Court Divorce aims to provide this kind of support to families with children who are in transition. With a staff of seasoned experts from attorneys to mental health professionals, parents can feel confident in working together to move forward without causing added stress to their…

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Supporting Family Wellbeing Through The Divorce Process

Supporting Family Wellbeing Through the Divorce Process

The Center for Out of Court Divorce Denver recently hosted a visit from Patrick Parkinson, a leading advocate of family law reform in Australia.  Patrick, a professor of law at the University of Sydney, was a major participant in the creation of Australia’s Family Relationship Centres which COCD Denver is loosely modeled after. Patrick spoke at length about the negative impact litigation has on families and how this motivated him to create a multi-disciplinary, out-of-court alternative to litigation. The first Family Relationship…

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